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Bay Shores Peninsula Hotel Reviews


Sheffield, UK

Me n the wife stayed here for 2 nights at the back end of our 3 week USA bonanza. We arrived from LA with the proviso of bein able to see the beach if not directly on it, we weren't dissappointed. The 'Bay Shores' is literally 50 metres from the beach and you can even see it from some rooms (for an extra price). We plumped for a room on the first floor declining the 'sea view', due to the excellent roof terrace where you can sit n enjoy a beer whilst lookin at the Pacific Ocean and the sunset in one direction or the Marina in the other.

“Great hotel for the price”

Kingsport, TN


I took three buddies here on a sportfishing trip in May that left from Newport Beach. It was great! We caught our weight in fish and had an excellent time. The hotel was clean and comfortable, plenty of nightlife in the local area and the bay and the beach were just steps from the front door. Mike, John, and myself appreciated the staff's attention to detail and they gave some great tips on food! We're planning on coming back next year for some more good times.